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IE Setup Log.txt
By  Super Admin  | Published  11/23/2006 | Internet Explorer Page 2 | Rating:
IE Setup Log.txt

You can use the "IE Setup Log.txt" file to help you troubleshoot Internet Explorer 5 Setup issues. This log is generated by ACME Setup and is separated into pass sections. The "IE Setup Log.txt" file (located in the Windows folder) can be used to identify what caused Setup not to succeed, and during which phase. The log is intended to give a step-by-step view of the Setup process, and an in-depth analysis of Setup issues.

This article contains typical "IE Setup Log.txt" files, with descriptions of the important entries. Note that the entries in the log correspond directly to the progress of the Internet Explorer Setup process. The log can be divided into passes. Each pass header is surrounded by brackets and lists the time the pass started and the pass number (for example: [16:22:28 Start of Pass: 1]).

Beneath the pass header is usually one or two lines briefly describing the function of the pass. At the end of the pass is a completion line. The successful completion of each step is logged with one of the following flags:

Completed Successfully
The following sample passes provide examples of what to expect. Large passes may not be shown in their entirety.

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