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Windows Vista Developer Center
By  Super Admin  | Published  07/27/2005 | Vista News | Rating:
Windows Vista Developer Center

Windows Vista Developer Center:

Windows Vista Technologies

Windows Vista Advances for Developers
Windows Vista™ (formerly Windows code name "Longhorn") is a substantial advance in Windows, with significant innovations in the developer platform. Windows Vista makes it easier than ever before to build applications that are more secure, reliable, and manageable.   

Create the Experience
Microsoft is offering new technologies and a set of user experience (UX) guidelines that show how to use the innovations in Windows Vista environment to build graphically rich user experiences that take advantage of the power of the end user's personal computer.   

Secure It
Microsoft Windows Vista™, formerly Windows code name "Longhorn," provides advances that enable developers to create more secure applications and to ease the burden on system administrators and end users when it comes to securing systems.   

Make It Reliable
A reliable application is one that behaves exactly as its user expects it to behave. Windows Vista offers an extensive set of new APIs and developer services on the Web to make your applications predictable and manageable to end users, and to diagnose them when they are not.   

Get Connected
New features in Windows Vista™, formerly Windows code name "Longhorn," make it easy to develop applications that communicate across the enterprise, around the world, as well as with nearby devices and machines. The Windows Communication Foundation (formerly code-named "Indigo") Web service APIs make it easy to build and consume secure, reliable, and transacted Web services. New peer-to-peer capabilities enable the discovery and sharing of data between computers and nearby devices.   

Integrate Data
The Windows Vista™ (formerly Windows code name "Longhorn") platform introduces new data storage and search technologies that enable developers to build applications that are searchable and that integrate disparate data formats-applications that find and share the data that users want to see.   

Be Discoverable
Windows Vista™, formerly Windows code name "Longhorn," changes how users interact with their files, messages, and other items. Users are no longer restricted to only using folders as a way of organizing their content. Windows Vista introduces concepts such as virtual folders, stacks, grouping, and filtering and also provides ways for developers to enable file types or other data sources to be indexed and searched.   

Make It Deployable
This article looks at how the improvements in ClickOnce and the Windows Installer (MSI) can help you more easily and securely deploy and update applications without fear of affecting other existing installations.   

Go Mobile
For developers building applications for mobile computers, Microsoft Windows Vista is a huge advance. Read about the new auxiliary display, advances in power management and network awareness, and the new ubiquitous Tablet PC capabilities in all versions.   

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    Though technical and good at giving a historical background to vista and its developement from longhorn I fail to see how it helps in installing and playing software of a certain age where as xp plays virtually everything you can throw at it.
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