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Cannot Start Computer using BitLocker Key
By  Super Admin  | Published  12/10/2006 | Windows Vista Troubleshooting Page 4 | Rating:
Cannot Start Computer using BitLocker Key

To resolve this problem, use one or more of the following methods:

Make sure that the USB device is connected to one of the computer's USB ports. For example, do not connect the USB device to an external USB hub.
Store the BitLocker key on a different USB device. The original USB device may not be compatible with BitLocker.
Disconnect other USB devices from the computer. The computer's BIOS may not able to read the data on the USB device if other USB devices are present.

Note The order in which the BIOS detects USB devices may affect BitLocker.
Contact the manufacturer of your computer or your motherboard to make sure that the computer's BIOS can read data from a USB device when the computer starts. You may be able to update the computer's BIOS to a newer version that supports BitLocker.

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