Windows Vista -
Cannot send Movie from Movie Maker
Published on 12/10/2006
When you try to send a finished movie to a digital video device in Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, the movie cannot be copied to the video device.

Cannot send Movie from Movie Maker

To work around this behavior, verify that the VCR of the device where you want to send the movie is set to DV mode. If the device has an Auto mode, set the format to DV mode when you publish to the device.

You can only record content to a digital tape as standard definition content. The resolution for high definition content is reduced to 480-line resolution when it is published to a tape in DV format.

This behavior may occur if the video device does not record in the digital video (DV) format. For example, some devices only record in the MPEG-2 format and do not support DV. Movie Maker does not support publishing to devices that record in other formats.