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Windows Vista Performance Monitoring Tools
By  Super Admin  | Published  02/24/2007 | Fun Tips | Unrated
Windows Vista Performance Monitoring Tools

Free Space Tool
Monitors your PC's drives and shows you the available space for those you've selected.


Uptime Tool
Find how much time has passed since you last restarted your computer.


Multi-Meter Tool
Cpu usage % ( 2 cores ) - Ram Usage % - Ram info ( Total, used, left size) - Status bars animated above 90% - 100 Skins + background selection


Battery Level Tool
Monitor the battery level of your laptop.


Wireless Signal and IP Address Tool
Displays your wireless network information such as it's status, signal strength and security. This also displays your internal IP and gives you a direct link to your router's / wireless gateway's web based control panel.


All the above tools are free to download from Microsoft.

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