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How to fix Monitor Blur Problems
By  Super Admin  | Published  05/8/2007 | Visual Effects | Rating:
How to fix Monitor Blur Problems

Check List

1. If your monitor is only blurry in some games / application its most likely due to specific settings or hardware limitations.

2. Windows Vista requires 256 MB of Graphics memory.

Use a 256 MB Dedicated Graphics Card or when using Intergraded Shared Graphics Memory make sure there is 256 MB of free RAM available. (Check via CTRL + ALT + DEL > Task Manager > Performance)

3. Remove and plug in the power and display cable. Remove and fix the graphics card on mother board.

4. Install latest Version of Direct X. ( )

5. Install / Upgrade to latest graphics display drivers. (Check Device Manager > Display - Make sure it matches with the graphics card you are using)

Right click Computer > Properties > Device Manager

6. Install / Upgrade to latest monitor drivers. (Again check Device Manager > Monitor)

7. Reset the monitor to default settings. ( Auto / Reset button on Monitor)

8. Change the display to native resolution. (Resolution recommend on product features)

Right click on Desktop > Personalize > Display Settings

9. Change Colors to Highest (32 bit) in Display Settings.

10. Change the screen refresh rate to 60 Hertz.

Right click on Desktop > Personalize > Display Settings > Advance Settings > Monitor

11. Enable or Disable Clear Type / Standard.

Right click on Desktop > Personalize > Windows Color and Appearance > Effects > Use the following method to smooth edge of screen fonts

12. Let Windows Choose.

Right click Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Under Performance Settings > Let Windows choose what's best for my computer

13. Try it on another computer.

If it still doses not show clear display your monitor is very likely to be defective or has got damaged.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by an unknown user)
    No mention whatsoever of the most common cause of CRT monitor blurriness: an internal adjustment is needed or the hardware is failing. The last line is misleading while it COULD be the hardware is defective it could be something as easy as turning an adjustment screw inside the mmonitor - the method and capability varies widely between different brands of monitors. Big used monitors are so cheap it's not worth it to get monitors repaired any more but it may well be worth a few bucks to have someone try adjusting it (if you can find someone). Otherwise do some searching with the parameters "blurry monitor fix" and you'll find info on how to do it yourself possible even something I've posted.
  • Comment #2 (Posted by H P Mehta)
    Both posts are good. In second post very rare people capable of opening the casing and play with presets. May also lead to further bad display. My case if no activity on pc for about an hour the display get blurr. Any clue for fixing
  • Comment #3 (Posted by an unknown user)
    Because the options have resolved my problem.
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