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Enable or Disable Fade and Slide effects on ToolTips
By  Super Admin  | Published  05/8/2007 | Visual Effects | Rating:
Enable or Disable Fade and Slide effects on ToolTips

ToolTip appears when you move your mouse over buttons etc...

1. Right click Computer > Properties
2. Advanced System Settings
3. Under Performance click Settings
4. Tick (Enable) or Untick (Disable) Fade or Slide ToolTips into View
5. Apply

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by an unknown user)
    Because I have tried that several times it works but some how even though the option is still clearly unchecked my Windows Aero enabled OS keeps randomly resuming the use of fade in/out tooltips. I love the idea but my graphics card isn't powerful enough to handle both a stunning ObjectDock Plus and these fancy but useless animations hence I want to permanently disable them please update the answer if you know any other way including through the registry.
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