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Hard Drive being used when System is Idle
By  Super Admin  | Published  09/23/2007 | Performance Tips | Rating:
Hard Drive being used when System is Idle
1. Click Start
2. Type Reliability under Start Search
3. Click Reliability and Performance Monitor
4. Click Read or Write to find which application is using the Hard Drive.
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  • Comment #1 (Posted by floatingeagle)
    One because there is a faster way. Geeeeesh! why does everyone recommend the long way 1. right click on the start (task) bar 2. click on task manager 3. click on the Performance Tab 4. click on the Resource Monitor.. button 5. click on the hard drive bar drop down arrow on the right there is the list of everything that is using your hard drive Two the resource monitor in vista does not have a read or right button
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