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Guess the Launch Date Contest
By  Super Admin  | Published  12/23/2005 | Vista Information | Rating:
Guess the Launch Date Contest

Enter your guess now and win an exclusive invitation to the international Vista launch event in the USA!

And if not, then this is the ideal opportunity to secure an information edge. As a member of the Beta Experience, you are one of the first to be informed of the new product features, long before the final version is released to the market. In addition to the beta versions to test and co-develop, you benefit from valuable resources and expert knowledge. And the newsletter gives you regular insider tips and exclusive bonus material - your absolute competitive edge!

1st Prize: Be live at the Launch Event in the USA: the full package with entry, flight and 3 nights in a 4-star Hotel
2nd–4th. Prize: New XBOX 360
5th–10th Prize: XBOX Core System

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