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Tuneup Utilities Tips and Tricks
By  Super Admin  | Published  06/11/2011 | How To Page 3 | Unrated
Tuneup Utilities Tips and Tricks

There are two ways to optimise Windows settings to deliver the best PC performance. You could do everything manually, wading your way through Control Panel applets, browsing the Registry, and tinkering with Windows applications that you never even knew existed. But it’s time-consuming, and there’s always the risk that you’ll change the wrong setting. It’s much easier to let a third-party ‘tweak’ utility, such as Tuneup Utilities 2007, do the hard work for you. The program provides easy access to all the best interface, Registry, disk and hardware tweaks, and adds tools of its own to clean your Registry, fix hard disk problems, andmore. And a 1-Click Maintenance option can find and correct PC problems with a single button press.

Step 1
Tuneup Utilities 2007 provides hundreds of ways to optimise your PC and it is hard to know where to begin. But if you click Optimize & Improve > TuneUp System Optimizer > System Advisor, the programwill scan your PC, detect obvious problems, and make suggestions on how to fix them. In our case, the System Advisor has pointed out that a particular program on our test PC was consuming lots of memory — we closed it down and noticed an immediate improvement in performance. The Advisor also reminded us that we had left our root C:\ drive shareable across the network. That left us vulnerable to hackers, so we removed that share and our PC became just that little bit safer.

Step 2
You’ll probably have your own ideas about the areas of your PC that really need improving, so you can focus on those next  To speed up the Windows interface, for instance, click Customize & Analyze > TuneUp SystemControl. The Effects, Animation and Menu Appearance tabs offer control over all the fancyWindows Vista animations and special effects, and clicking the Best Performance button will remove them to accelerate your Desktop. Now click Start Menu in the Usage section. Normally menus don’t fly out until your mouse cursor has hovered over them for almost half a second, but why wait? Reduce the delay to 100ms (0.1 seconds) for noticeably faster menu browsing. And if you don’t have a network printer, click Network and clear the ‘Look for printers...’ box to give Explorer a little extra zip.

Step 3
Tuneup Utilities 2007 has some useful internet-related tweaks. Click Customize & Analyze > TuneUp System Control > Internet Explorer, for instance, and select the Favourites tab. Here you can hide favourites you don’t want to share with other users of this PC. Click the Performance tab, choose your internet connection speed, and Tuneup Utilities 2007 will optimise Internet Explorer to deliver the best download performance. Click E-Mail and Chat and clear the Show Splash Screen option to helpWindows Mail load a little faster. Or, if Microsoft Outlook is your email client, click the Outlook tab to access a few interesting settings to play with too.

Step 4
Browse through the program and you’ll find Tuneup Utilities 2007 can apply Windows tweaks that you never knew existed. Is your PC set up to display sharp, clear text, for instance? Click Customize & Analyze > TuneUp System Control and choose the Font Smoothing tab. You’ll see three samples of text, each displayed using a different font-smoothing technique. Select the one you like best, and if that’s Cleartype then click the Cleartype Settings buttons to see more samples using different sub-pixel and contrast options. Select the block of text that looks the clearest and your PC settings will be adjusted accordingly.

Step 5
Tuneup Utilities 2007 can also clean up your PC by removing junk. Click Clean up & Repair > TuneUp Disk Cleaner to remove leftover temporary files and other redundant data. Then use the Tune Up Disk Space Explorer to see how your hard disk space is currently being used. Uninstall bulky applications you no longer need and regain all that hard disk space. Tuneup Utilities 2007 can fix the Registry, too. Click Clean up & Repair > TuneUp RegistryCleaner and it will scan your Registry for errors and invalid entries. This only takes a minute or two, and you can fix any problems it discovers with the click of a button.

Step 6
If you think life’s too short to spend time tweaking PCs then you could let Tuneup Utilities 2007 handle all the complications for itself. Click Optimize & Improve > TuneUp System Optimizer > 1-Click Maintenance > Start Scan, and the program will clean your Registry and hard drive. Select Settings and you can even schedule the clean-up to run automatically. Some people get nervous about giving any tweaking tool this much control. After all, what if it accidentally deletes an important setting? There’s no need to worry, though. Just launch the Rescue Center and you can undo any change the programhasmade, so if a problemdoes occur then you can fix it in seconds.

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