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Internet Explorer 7 Keyboard Shortcuts
By  Super Admin  | Published  09/30/2006 | User Interface Tips | Rating:
Internet Explorer 7 Keyboard Shortcuts


Stop page from loading  :   Esc
Refresh a page    F5
Set focus on address box  :   ALT+D
Go back a page  :   ALT+Left Arrow
Go forward a page  :   ALT+Right Arrow
Open link in new window  :   Shift+Click
Add site to favorites  :   CTRL+D
Open context menu  :   Shift+F10


Open new tab  :   CTRL+T
Open link in new tab  :   CTRL+Shift+Click
Open link in new behind current tab  :   CTRL+Click or Middle mouse button over link
Switch between tabs  :     CTRL+Tab or CTRL+Shift+Tab
Close tab  :   CTRL+W or Click middle mouse button over tab
Close all other tabs  :   CTRL+ALT+F4
Jump to tab  :   CTRL+tab number
Open quick tabs  :   CTRL+Q


Set focus in search box  :   CTRL+E
Change search provider while search box active  :   CTRL+Down arrow
Search in new tab  :   ALT+Enter


Zoom in  :   CTRL+(+ key) or CTRL+Mouse wheel up
Zoom out  :   CTRL+(- key) or CTRL+Mouse wheel down
Zoom 100%  :   CTRL+0
Change text size  :   CTRL+Mouse wheel up or down

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