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Windows Vista wont Use My Prefix
By  Super Admin  | Published  07/23/2005 | Vista News | Rating:
Windows Vista wont Use My Prefix

Microsoft users have become used to the "My Music," "My Pictures," and other "My" folders. Those Windows folders will still be yours -- but they won't keep hitting you over the head with that terminology.

Ending a longstanding tradition, Microsoft says, starting in the next Windows version due out next year, folders will be known simply as "Documents," "Music," and so on.

The "My" prefix was apparently an attempt to create a personal connection between people and their computers at a time when the idea of using a computer might have been forbidding.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by an unknown user)
    Sorry but I don't see any problems about this. Does "not use "My" prefix" make your computer not your computer Right Anyway I agree with you in one point: Microsoft should keep their tradition to make people feel familiar.
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