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Longhorn FAQ

Once envisioned as a minor upgrade to Windows XP, Windows "Longhorn" took on all-new importance in early 2002 when Microsoft decided to reach for the brass ring and make this upcoming Windows release an all-encompassing major upgrade with a new security architecture called Palladium, a hardware 3D-enabled user interface, and many more exciting new features. Here's the first--and most comprehensive--Longhorn FAQ ever created, constantly updated to include the latest information about this release.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista is Microsoft's next version of its Windows operating system, to follow Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. It was previously known by the codename Longhorn; the name "Vista" was unveiled on July 22, 2005.

Longhorn technology showcases
Longhorn technology showcases
Longhorn movies
Longhorn movies
Longhorn reviews
Longhorn reviews
64-Bit Windows? Wait for Vista
The new Windows moves many parts of XP to 64 bits, but significant gaps remain.
Windows Vista Release Schedule
Windows Vista Release Schedule
Microsoft Explains Windows Vista Name
With the announcement of Longhorn's official name, Microsoft has left many users asking: Why Windows Vista?
Windows Vista wont Use My Prefix
If you are a Windows  user, there's a big change coming in Longhorn -- the code name for the next MS operating system: the "My" prefix is disappearing.
Microsofts Windows Vista promises similar features to Apples already shipping Mac OS X
"The new name of Microsoft's next-generation computer operating system -- Windows Vista -- may not have the vibe of Xbox, its game console, or even that of Tiger, Apple's operating system," John Boudreau writes for Mercury News. "But where some see bland, the world's largest software giant sees grand."
Vista Preview
The newest versions of the next Windows add graphics sizzle and more search features but lack visible productivity enhancements.
Vista following Unix on security?
Microsoft's delayed Vista operating system appears to be taking a page from the Unix management book by curbing user's administration rights.
History of Windows
In 1983 Microsoft announced its development of Windows, a graphical user interface (GUI) for its own operating system (MS-DOS) that had shipped for IBM PC and compatible computers since 1981. Microsoft modeled the GUI, which was first known as Interface Manager, after that of Apple's Mac OS. Bill Gates had been shown a Macintosh prototype by Steve Jobs early in its development, around 1981, and Microsoft was partnered by Apple to create some of the important early Mac software, such as Word and Excel.
Where to get Windows Vista?
Where to get Windows Vista?
Windows Vista FAQ

Once envisioned as a minor upgrade to Windows XP, Windows Vista (formerly codenamed "Longhorn") first took on all-new importance in early 2002 when Microsoft decided to reach for the brass ring and make this upcoming Windows release an all-encompassing major upgrade with a new security architecture, a hardware 3D-enabled user interface, and many more exciting new features. Here's the first--and most comprehensive--Windows Vista/Longhorn FAQ ever created, constantly updated to include the latest information about this exciting release. By Paul Thurrott of winsupersite.

Alternative Windows Vista names
Microsoft obviously had a shortlist of names to choose for naming Longhorn.
Windows Vista Wallpaper
Looking for that wallpaper showed of during the Windows Vista launch video?
Windows Vista Fact Sheet
Windows Vista beta 1 focuses on greatly improving the Windows’ fundamentals — security, deployment, manageability and performance — so developers, IT professionals and end users can have more confidence in their PCs.
Windows Vista Developer Center
Windows Vista Developer Center
Windows Vista Beta 1 Review
While Beta 1 isn't a tremendous release for end users--that is, most of the end user goodness like Movie Maker and future digital media enhancements are missing in Beta 1--there are still all kinds of new things going on here. Some are already nicely implemented, while others are just wisps and hints of things to come. By Paul Thurrott of winsupersite.
Resize Partitions with Vista Disk Management
In Windows Vista it is now possible to resize partitions without any data loss in the new Disk Management console.
nVidia Display Drivers
NVIDIA has made available the following alpha drivers for Windows Vista Beta 1.
ATI Display Drivers
ATI has released a beta version of their drivers for Windows Vista.
Recently run applications and documents
Every time you open up a document or launch a program Windows Vista keeps track of this information to build the list of application for recently run applications and recent documents list.
File Edit View menu bar
Missing the old File, Edit, View menu bar?
Service Guide

Windows Vista has many services and features that we do not need.

Slow Motion Aero Animations
Slow motion animations on closing, opening, and minimizing a windows.
An early look at Windows Vista
Known for years by the code name "Longhorn," the successor to Microsoft's Windows XP has been dubbed "Longwait" for its numerous delays. As features have been announced, it's also been accused of copying Apple Computer Inc.'s Mac OS X.
Freeze Dry for Vista
Windows Vista will include a new technology known as Freeze Dry designed to maintain application states and unsaved documents even when patches are automatically applied and PCs are rebooted.
Windows Vista Product Editions
Here's how the Windows Vista product editions break down.
Microsoft gets into the gadget business
Microsoft announced at PDC today that it is getting into the "gadget" business putting it in direct competition from a feature stand point with Apple's Dashboard and Yahoo's Widgets (Konfabulator).
Office 12 Interface Preview
Microsoft has released screenshots of their next version of Microsoft Office this morning at the PDC 05.
New and Updated Games in Windows Vista
The games that come with Windows XP are pretty dated, most nearly the same as Windows 3.1.
Vista To Include Antispyware Software
Following the release on Monday of the latest beta of Windows Vista (build 5321), Microsoft has confirmed that it plans to integrate its antispyware software into the operating system.
Vista won't show fancy side to pirates
Windows Vista plans to offer you spiffy new graphics, as long as you're not a pirate.
Programs that work in Windows Vista
So far this is what has been reported.
Windows Vista Installation Guide
It should be noted that this is a BETA operating system and should therefore not be used as one's primary operating system.
Windows Vista Hardware
So you’re getting ready to buy a new computer, and you want to make sure that the computer you buy now will work well with Windows Vista
General Tweaks
Hard Drive / System Properties / Remote Assistance / Visual Effects / Virtual Memory / Startup and Recovery
Tweaking Explorer
Group Policy Object Editor
Vista Tweaks using the Group Policy Object Editor
Services Tweaks
Disabling certain services can lead to unexpected results on some systems.
DWM Effects
Enabling and Tweaks
Advanced User Tweaks
The following are some tweaks that can improve the user experience in Vista by creating easy access to commands and common tasks.
TweakVista Utility
Tweak Vista makes it easy to tweak and customize Windows Vista Beta 1
Show Run Command on Start Menu
You can use the new search box to find items in the various folders of your Start Menu as well as run any application from it.
User Account Protection
To cut down on malicious software applications and beginner computer users from changing critical computer settings, Microsoft has included a new feature called User Account Protection.
Guess the Launch Date Contest
The official launch date of the new operating system Windows Vista has not yet been set. When will the final product be launched?
Vista Launch Delayed
Microsoft plans to delay the consumer launch of its Windows Vista operating system.
Windows Vista Requirements
Today, Microsoft Corp. announced the launch of the Windows Vista “Get Ready” Web site, the worldwide availability of Windows Vista Capable PCs, the upcoming availability of Premium Ready PCs and the availability of the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor beta.
Windows Vista Customer Preview Program
We invite you to be among the first to experience the clarity that Windows Vista can bring to your world.
Microsoft to hackers Try to break Vista
Test version distributed to 3,000 security professionals
Internet Explorer 7 Privacy
This feature will clear your browsing history, delete all of your cookies, delete saved web form data and passwords as well as erase all temporary Internet files.
Addins in Windows Live Messenger
Addins in Windows Live Messenger
Additional Clocks in Taskbar
Want to keep track of the time in a different time zone?
Start Menu Privacy
Every time you open up a document or launch a program Windows Vista keeps track of this information to build the list of application for recently run applications and recent documents list.
Speed up Start Menu Search
When a users enters text in the search box on the start panel Windows automatically searches the file index as well.
Disable Welcome Center
This new welcome screen is a nice feature the first time you start using Windows vista but quickly becomes annoying. 
Disable Network Printer Search
When browsing through shared folders and network computers Explorer can slow down when it is searching the local network for printers.
Wireless Network Search
When looking for a wireless network to connect to there is no refresh button on the screen that displays found wireless networks.
Checkbox Select Alternative
Windows Vista includes a new method to select files when using explorer.
Kill Security Center Notifications
There is a new easy way to disable the security center messages.
Vista Glass look on Unsupported Video Cards
Although you can get it to run on older hardware, with the lack of WDDM drivers available, it is going to run very slowly.
Vista Aero Cursors

Microsoft has included new Aero cursors that are not turned on by default.

New Boot screen in Vista Beta 2
There is a new trick that will allow you to see what may be the new boot screen for Windows Vista.
Windows Vista Beta 2 CD for FREE
Microsoft is giving away free Vista CD if you can answer a small quiz.
Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2
Evaluate the next release of Microsoft Office products for testing and planning purposes with 2007 Microsoft Office system Beta 2.
Windows Vista Prices
Windows Vista Prices
Internet Explorer 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Internet Explorer 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

One More Beta Before Windows Vista Goes Gold
Microsoft will release just one more build of Windows Vista for testing before the code goes gold, said Brad Goldberg, the general manager for the Windows client business group.
Release date for Windows Vista
A Microsoft executive has leaked a general release date for Windows Vista, Exchange 2007 and Office 2007.
Run command prompt as administrator
Run command prompt as administrator
Force Vista Glass
Force Vista Glass
Disable balloon tips
You can stop them via group policy editor.
Internet Explorer 7 User Agent String
To enable you to workaround any remaining sites that block access to Internet Explorer 7.
Remove Windows Mail Splash Screen
Remove Windows Mail Splash Screen
Install Windows Vista without Product Key
For 14 Days.
Stop auto startup applications
Stop auto startup applications
Internet Explorer 7 A to Z
Quick reference sheet
Adding search providers to Internet Explorer 7
Adding search providers to Internet Explorer 7
Elevated Command Prompt
Windows power users know that a command prompt (Cmd.exe) is the fastest way to many tasks–much faster than digging through menus and tabbed dialog boxes.
Expanded shortcut menu
When you work with files and folders in Windows Explorer, get in the habit of holding down Shift as you right-click an item.
Make text easier to read
There's a strong correlation between high display resolutions and eyestrain.
Snip a screen shot
The Snipping Tool shown here was originally designed for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.
Quick system checkup
Windows Vista has no shortage of diagnostic tools.
Volume A to Z
Pump up the volume
Quick Launch bar
The Quick Launch bar has been around forever, but it's a little more useful in Vista.
Make the blinking cursor easier to see
Make it easier to see
Remove Security Center Icon
The Security Center icon in the notification area is a nag.
Mobility Center
It's about time notebook users got an easy-to-access control panel for common configuration options.
Remove File Delete Confirmation Dialog
Follow these steps to disable the delete confirmation.
Windows Vista Released to Manufacturing
As Windows Vista hits the Release to Manufacturing milestone, Microsoft looks back at what it took to build the most heavily tested, highest quality and most secure operating system in the company’s history.
Improvements in Internet Explorer 7
Covers improvements in Internet Explorer 7.
Find out Version of Internet Explorer Installed
Describes how to determine which version of Internet Explorer you are using.
Configure Internet Explorer to use both FTP PORT and FTP PASV mode
This article describes how to configure Microsoft Internet Explorer or in Windows Internet Explorer to use both the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) PORT mode and PASV mode. FTP supports two modes.
Internet Explorer Prompts for Password
Passing your user name and password to an Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server is the responsibility of the Web browser.
Set Time Out Period for Script
Important This article contains information about how to modify the registry.
Uninstall Internet Explorer 7
Explains how to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview from a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).
Repair Windows XP with Internet Explorer 7
Explains how to correct an issue that occurs if you run a repair installation of Windows XP before you first uninstall Internet Explorer 7. In this scenario, Internet Explorer 7 no longer works.
Elevation Policy for Protected Mode
Discusses how to write custom .adm and .admx administrative template files to provide an elevation policy for protected mode in Internet Explorer 7.0.